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In the year 1215, Trial by Physical Ordeal fell out of favor.  In its place rose the jury trials of the Middle Ages. These formed the basis for the American justice system.

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From the moment we take your case, each and every move is made with the following question in mind:  “Does this decision increase or decrease the client’s chance of winning a trial?”

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 No one is happy about their settled case, because a jury might have given them more.  Plea deals are always significantly worse than a verdict of not guilty.

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If you were arrested in Pittsburgh, call for your free, confidential consultation. Someone is available 24 hours a day to answer your call.

We defend people whose freedom is at stake. From the moment our firm is retained, we gather reports, talk to witnesses, and analyze the actions of the police to best position our trial presentation. From DUI and petty theft, to criminal homicide and child pornography, you are never alone with a TLF attorney at the defense table. When you exercise your right to talk to a lawyer, make it The Trial Law Firm, LLC.

*When an innocent person pleads guilty, perjury is committed. Any lawyer can sign a plea offer. Come to us if you want to try the case.

We represent people involved in lawsuits. From the moment our firm is retained, we analyze the known facts, and find the unknown ones to best position our trial presentation.

We use every available tool in discovery to find the facts we don’t know, yet need to prove at trial. From local magistrate issues to federal jury trials, and everything in between, we right wrongs on behalf of individuals.

Large defense law firms sustained by the overflowing coffers of insurance companies and other major corporations make every effort to keep secret the information which will win your case.  

At The Trial Law Firm we tackle abusive discovery practices, and always press where it hurts.  From line by line objections to discovery requests designed to make litigation seem hopeless to line by line attacks against unscrupulous objections, TLF does not stop until the job is done. 

The TLF Experience

We will have a candid discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of your legal position.  More importantly, we will discover the story of your case.  We are not in the business of telling people what they want to hear; only what they need to hear.

While our fees are not astronomical, they do reflect the level of work that will be put into your matter.  We purposefully take a small number of cases to ensure each client is thoroughly represented.

We will agree to represent your case if we agree that there is a likelihood that the case might be tried.  We will aggressively guard your interests and stand up for your rights.

Five Reasons to Choose TLF
The Client Always Comes First.
We are not afraid of massive corporate law firms…

Did you know that?

Less than 1% of Legal Disputes end with a Trial Verdict

Almost any firm can and will negotiate your civil case and settle it.

Prosecutors will almost always offer any criminal defendant a “sweetheart” deal.

When facing the all or nothing decision to hear the verdict, you can be confident that each of our strategic and tactical decisions was formulated and executed specifically for the moment when the foreperson announces their determination to the world.

We are not a settlement or plea bargain mill. We accept an average of one new case each month to ensure that all TLF clients benefit from a representation that prepares for trial from day 1.

Client Testimonials

  • I did not understand anything that was happening in your office, but I get it now… It works.

    Pre-Trial Preparation
    Fraud Client
  • Wait, you mean I get to go home?

    Case Conclusion
    Firearm Offense Client (after Motions Court)
  • I want my attorney

    Until Next Time
    Former Homicide Client Remembering this time around to Exercise His Right to Counsel at the Police Station
  • The money aside, I felt like you all actually cared.

    Med Mal Client
  • You fought for me when no one else would or could.

    Discrimination Client
  • I don’t really care about what they took, its that they think I’ll let them have it.

    Asset Forfeiture Client