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Mon - Fri 08:00am - 06:00pm 1-877-75-TRIAL

About TLF


The Trial Law Firm, LLC’s Managing Attorney Mart Harris graduated from Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College at Thunderhead Ranch in DuBois Wyoming.

In the year 1215, Trial by Physical Ordeal fell out of favor. In its place rose the jury trials of the Middle Ages. These formed the basis for the American justice system.

Trial remains an ordeal for its plaintiffs and defendants yet, it is the most significant competition in which lawyers can indulge. Our firm takes the cases that can’t be settled. If you have been wronged and are seeking the justice of the courts; if you have the audacity to make the government prove you are guilty, you can count on The Trial Law Firm, LLC to tell your story with the singular focus of victory.


From the moment we take your case, each and every move is made with the following question in mind:

“Does this decision increase or decrease the client’s chance of winning a trial?”

It is no secret that less than 4% of cases are ever tried. Almost any firm can and will negotiate your case and settle it. Prosecutors will almost always offer any defendant a “sweetheart” deal.

When facing the all or nothing decision to hear the verdict, you can be confident that each of our strategic and tactical decisions were formulated and executed specifically for the moment when the foreperson announces their determination to the world.


No one is happy about their settled case, because a jury might have given them more.  Plea deals are always significantly worse than a verdict of not guilty.

By preparing for trial from our very first client interaction, we generally find out before the opposition whether the trial can be won.  Confidence in a trial verdict is the best guidance for clients and lawyers to decide the true settlement or plea value of a case.

It is NOT our goal to try every case.  The majority of cases SHOULD settle.  However, when your attorneys prepare every case as if it would be tried, that eventual settlement should be much more favorable to our clients. Serving the client’s legal interest and well-being is the unquestioned, number one goal of this firm.  The best way to ensure that goal is achieved, is to diligently work on your behalf from start to finish.


No, the correct answer is not the Ghostbusters. It is The Trial Law Firm, LLC.