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Additional Resources

You May Qualify for a Free Public Defender

Too often, people denigrate Public Defenders, and sometimes, are not even aware that PDs are “real lawyers.”  Public Defenders work diligently to protect the rights of the most vulnerable among us, and often, do a much better job than private attorneys.  This is because PDs try a LOT of cases.  The name recognition of whatever defense attorney is on TV this week pales in comparison to a seasoned trial attorney before a jury.  Please think carefully about the Public Defender option.

County Office Building
542 Forbes Avenue # 400
Pittsburgh PA 15219

You May Qualify for Reduced Fee Legal Services

Each County in Pennsylvania has a “Lawyer’s Referral Service.”  This service connects people in need of a lawyer, to lawyers who have agreed to work at a reduced rate for those individuals who qualify.  This is an extremely beneficial program to assist your access to legal representation and the courts.

Koppers Building
436 Seventh Avenue, # 400
Pittsburgh PA 15219

You May Qualify for Free Legal Services

The Pennsylvania Legal Aid network assists people in dire need of legal assistance, yet lack expendable monies for an attorney.

928 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222